Space Jams

by What Moon Things

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released December 1, 2015

Recorded summer 2014 -- fall 2015
Written, Produced & Mixed by What Moon Things
Mastered by Jesse Mangum, The Glow Studios in Athens, GA



all rights reserved


What Moon Things Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Dr Suess
I have this to-do list
can't cross out anything
I just can't give a shit
for what i have to give
well, this guy, his mother died
she was a painter, he was high
he laid a curse on me
I threw out her painting

I don't want to pay the bill, I just wanna get high

there's something right with me or
there's something wrong with me
I took an elbow as I crashed my ex's basement party
i didn't care
she wasn't there
had a good laugh--
choked on air
it's just how it goes

I don't want to pay the bill, I just want to take you high

Johnny told me a story about being a little kid
and how he learned patience waiting for the city buses
last summer i skinned my knees at a beacon party
nobody was watching me, i got up all bloody
and i think i lose my mind when i have to wait for any bus of any kind
my brain hits a pitch lifts the bottom from my cold stomach
even the dead flowers know the ground's full of soil
even the dead ones know the ground won't hold your soul
it's just how it goes

Track Name: Quit
what makes you so goddamn blue?
your eyes are caves and i'm a slave for you
we've lost our innocence
it's like your mama said (swimming in your autumn)
I got no money in my pocket
I am broke as hell

i am trying to measure up, quit
drinking for september, hungover on a burned bridge
swimming in your autumn
swimming in my longing

never quick to quit
never quick to quit
Im blackin in
memories crackling

we've lost our innocence
it's like your mama said
I got money in my pocket
I am broke as hell
Ive got some dreams to sell
but im still raking leaves
no need to pick my lock
money grows on trees

hello, my name is SWIM
Track Name: Sweetalker
sweet talker break my neck
as i nurse my confidence
and get over being brokenhearted
cuz that don't make no fucking sense
i wanna call this record suicide
cuz when I'm alone in my childhood house at night
sweet talker i start shaking like a child
so easy and seductive, the thought's pins in my mind
i know it's like the ghost that keeps me up
at night with the lights on and the fear in my blood
i don't wanna give it credit, i wanna be rational
but i'm nervous about being stable and i repeat to myself:

"you'll find in time i got what you need, i got self esteem"
Track Name: Dancing Police
somebody call the dancing police
somebody call the dancing police
these kids be trippin
if they’d move their feet
somebody call the dancing police
somebody call the dancing police
can someone call the dancing police?
at least one kid was dancing
so hardcore
they wanted more
they want more
they want to learn

come dance
with me

resin and religion (doctors and prescriptions)
it’s something to believe in
and to deceive with
we think we need it
when we keep it
we sleep with it
we leave with it
and with it
we bleed with it
we leave with it
we sleep with it
we keep it
Track Name: The Art Of Being (Alone)
what i said when i wasn't right
i peered through the wet red traffic lights
twisted, wicked alibis after the thrill of being alive
dumb fuck and a lost few hours
kicked out of the bar in a dream of Georgia
where the sky is bluer that your eyes

the art of being alone

the young romantics gotta fight
until they give up on that lie
and learn another to survive
what's become a conscious, endless time
it's tidal when it's crashing through
your eyes blue as the southern sky

the art of being alone