by What Moon Things

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Elaborate Symphony
of Death,
having Drunk
the Light Cool
He asked how it--
Would go,
What Moon Things


released August 23, 2012

Kyle James Miller - Keyboards, Acoustic Geetar, Backing Vocals
Jake Harms - Vocals, Geetar
John Morisi- Vocals, Drums, Acoustic Geetar
Eric Velzis - microKORG, Bass, Percussion



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What Moon Things Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: White Indian Ghost [Unfinished]
All of my friends died yesterday in a car crash on the interstate, and I'm dead too, I'm playing, faking movements in the trunk of this Lincoln hearse. Yeah he's a zombie, and his name is Jake, and he's got bad blood, and it won't change -- you're a stray dog, and I'm a bed of rocks, won't you come and piss, come take a load off.

All of Sea Change and the seasons shaking me, I get drunk and crawl around like a worm with my skin soaked in bitter blood -- yeah Beck, I need your soul to take a load off. I'm kamikaze white indian ghost, see the world sideways after a bag of blow, got the electric lemonade, skin like rotten fruit -- I was not much good in the first place, babe, to help you.

You say that nothing will change, and I agree, so it all stays the same. My mean streak and your lingering -- you're a poet and I'm the comic relief. I always sneeze at the end of the scene.

All of my friends died yesterday -- took one look at them, told 'em to go away. I'm running out of time to hang out with you fools, so when you die, the joke's on you. Now I'm lonely, and it's comfortable, just the TV and a pen that I can hold in my good hand, and watch the ink drip -- just fix a drink and try not to think about it.

Yeah I love you, yeah you're the worst, and I'll be just like you, because I'm goddamn cursed -- born above some evil sign, on some evil fucking ground, I was never tough in the first place and my skin's still thin now.
Track Name: Storm Moon [Unfinished]
The moon is full
the tide is over my ankles
I've seen the mouth
of the Wind Blow,
what a beautiful way
I recognize the face 
but I can't
place the name
with a natural smile 
your eyes
sparkle the sky

I see the hundredth mile mark
we're fifty miles short
and there's no going back
I chase the wind
I met the wind
I've seen it come
I left god to open my heart
with all the changes
I'll be good
and still say the name
at least I pretend that I've been right