What Moon Things

by What Moon Things

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All songs recorded at The Dump in New Paltz, NY
Spring & Summer 2013


released June 3, 2014

Produced by What Moon Things & Scott Nicholas
Engineered by What Moon Things at The Dump
Mixed by Scott Nicholas at Skirt Space – Athens, GA
Mastered by Jesse Mangum at
The Glow Recording Studios – Athens, GA

All songs written/performed & published by What Moon Things
Except "Moon Things" written and performed by Scott Nicholas

Artwork by Kayla Curran & John Morisi
Photography by Terry Phan
Inspired by Philip Burne Jones', "The Vampire"

Management by Left Brain Artist MGMT

Thanks to our family & friends, Beau Tepper, Eric Sowalskie, Kelsea Adams, Chris Daly, Tom Christie, Kyle Miller, Eric Velzis

Hot Grits, LLC



all rights reserved


What Moon Things Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: The Vampire
Heading home,
it's dawn,
bus window frames
the sky
bats follow way downtown
Vampir's on my mind
think I'm going blind
it must be light outside
no need to rewind
I’m stuck in that night
I only want to set you free,
let's call me a martyr and
set you free

I think you bit me first
I think I lost my spine
I think I don’t regret no more
I don’t even mind
I think I see it in your eyes
when you stare into mine
poisons we share in our heads
you’re just as scared as I

I only want to set you free
let’s call me a martyr and
set you free
Track Name: The Astronaut
I'm nostalgia, I'm an astronaut --
blue bell sirens in my oxygen
I'm the cold walk to your dark house,
the leaves they changed again
the summer's coming

I'm alcoholic dreams of being 19 -- 23
is an old year and I don't know no better
I'm still a punk kid, starting fights with my neighbors

I lost a fight last night,
screaming horrible things
Track Name: Doesn't Make Much Sense
And I'm such an adult
with highschool stuck in my head
I've got a lovely job and a lovely room
flowers on the bedside table, honey
how are you? cause it seems so sad to
see you so confused

And you should
run away to another place,
find a friend with a brand new face
Get a job and find a wife,
make up for all the favors *

* Stanza by Wind Up Bird
Track Name: Squirrel Girl
in my room I’m torn apart
outside, I’m torn apart
don’t want to sleep on this world
don’t want to eat on this world
I see your face on every girl
I try wasting time on my geetar, but I just can’t lie anymore
past noon I’m torn apart
I’m fainting at the thought
I should bury my head on some world or
I should leave my head in some pool
I see your face on every girl

I try wasting time on my geetar, but I just can’t lie anymore

~Heard you fall about 5 feet
a thump I couldn’t believe
you’re not really what i think
you’re gonna claw me in my sleep
I’ll take it while you’re alive
feed you poison till you die
won’t wanna live on this world
see your face on every girl~
Track Name: Staring at the Radio
My mind is slipping all the time
I couldn’t find the strength to getchoo yet
I’m like a self-conscious-cigarette
don’t make it hard
all the songs about the nature girls
aw man it’s hard
I just wanna get up
but my mind’s too slow
you’re always walking in the dark
I’m stuck here staring at the radio
I wanna roll and be a dog
even if you could
Find me
I wouldn’t stick for too long
I’m stuck here staring at the radio
oh why won’t this car battery just die?
you can call me the real Talking Head,
where my heart was there’s nothing left
please turn it off,
another word about the nature girl
and I’d be hard
with nothing
to get up
Track Name: Moon Things
Track Name: Vampir
I’m not alone,
watch your step,
in your room
you caught my eye
tired eyes and knotted hands,
a walk to not soon forget
Morning Mocking Bird,

a bite
you sank right through me
lost in bitter beauty
sky brightens up
five AM breath
escape from the world
Rest again,
Track Name: Sun, Where's The Fire
I think that the sweetest things are better off alone, to dissolve in the ground like animal bones. With no time to think about all the little things -- a shopping list or your mom weeping. At the hospital, my boss was an ancient astronaut -- at least that's what he told the cops, when they pulled him over on the thruway, 96 in a 65 -- Said "son, where's the fucking fire?", I said "it never goes out in my mind, because it's what hurt my wife, and I'm speeding now so I can hold her hand, because I can't tell her it's all right." I cum on your lips, and you say thanks for my well wishing -- it's the parts that haunt in this old friendship. Cut my line at sea and let me drift for years, until my beard glows white with salt, yeah my brain's full of holes, too much memory pumping out my dirty mouth... Said "son, where's the fucking fire?" I said "I let it die in my mind, because it burned so bright, and I'm speeding so I can hold your hand, because I can't tell you it's all right."